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HOME LOAN | E17 | Be Safe

HOME LOAN | E17 | Be Safe

#BeSafe Every man wants to own a house of his own. He wants his family to be protected, safe and comfortable. It’s every woman’s dream to do up her house the way her heart desires. Many people take home loans for this. It is the best way to buy the house that otherwise seems to be out of bounds of many. But could it land you in trouble? Do you know what are the kind of rights that you give to a bank when you procure a home loan? Have you ever read the document end to end? What if you are not able to pay off your home loan, or the instalments? What happens then? Watch this heart wrenching video of this couple who end up getting stuck in the hands of recovery agents who make their life miserable till they eventually lose their house. Also see how you can ensure something like that never happens with you. And please SHARE this video and spread this information with everyone. HOME LOAN – E17 ________________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE to this space to watch more such videos every week. Also leave a COMMENT and tell us your views and experience in this regard. ________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION: BE SAFE is an endeavour by Shitty Ideas Trending to address the growing concern of online safety. This is affecting everyone who uses the internet which makes the range of affected as wide as ages 7-8 years and upwards. Creator Mohit Hussein and partner Chhavi Mittal bring these videos to you and sincerely dedicate them to every internet user in today’s day and age. ________________________________________________ CREDITS: Created By: MOHIT HUSSEIN Produced By: WORKSHOP INC Directed By: MOHIT HUSSEIN Story & Concept: MOHIT HUSSEIN Written By: AKHLAQUE KHAN Creative Director: CHHAVI MITTAL Anchor: MOHIT HUSSEIN Cast: SWAPNIL RALKAR , RANI AGARWAL , SEEMA AHUJA , PRASHANT KUMAR Supporting Cast: PINAKIN DAVE Head Of Production: EHTESHAM HUSSEIN Line Producer: FRESHWATER FILMS & TV DOP: JITENDRA K JHA Social Media Head: CHHAVI MITTAL Chief Editor: ASHISH JHA Editors: MOHD SHARIQ , MEEZAN SIDDIQUI Sound Recordist: ANIL JENA Assistant Director: JEET SHARMA Production Assistant: VIDIT KANOJIA Production Intern: AJAY KUMAR Social Media Manager: PHANTOM WORDS Junior Artist Supplier: RAJU MITTER Production Boy: DEEPAK JADIYAR Post Production: WORKSHOP INC POST FACILITY Location: PATLIPUTRA NAGAR Camera Attendant: HEERA LAL YADAV Equipment: VIDEO PLUS Food Vendor: SHARDA CATERING _______________________________________ Follow BE SAFE: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Visit us on ____________________________________________________
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